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Posted On:06-03-2021

The success story of students at Odisha Adarsha Vidyalaya
For today’s generation, failure is not an option. It has been found through studies that each successive generation of the human race is more intelligent than the previous one. It is therefore, not a surprise that the world is becoming highly competitive and students are eyeing success more and more. For the present generation of students, achieving success in the academic sector is highly important. The students are also highly motivated and are committed to put in the effort needed to succeed in their academic career. The top CBSE schools of the country are also changing their outlook to education to suit the demands of the highly competitive world. It is no more enough to just help the students pass their exams, the goal of the top schools in the country is to bridge the skill gap between the present and the future of the students so that they emerge future ready. High intelligence and highly competitive attitude of the students means that the schools have to employ highly educated and experienced faculty who are able to teach and guide the students in a better way than other teachers. A strong and smart faculty is the backbone of a successful school of the country that acts as the alma mater of students who emerge as leaders of tomorrow. The aim of setting up an Odisha Adarsha Vidyalaya by the Odisha state government is to set up a national standard chain of schools that educate the children of the state so that they are at par with the children of other states and set examples of education and skill nationally. At an Odisha Adarsha Vidyalaya, the students are provided with constant mentoring and guidance from the teachers. The mentoring of the students is highly emphasized during exam time when the students need a high level of preparation. For the students of Class X and Class XII of the Odisha Adarsha Vidyalaya, the school distributes the Gyanakosha, a bank of probable and previous year questions so that the students excel in the board examinations. For students of other classes, the teachers help through doubt clearing sessions and self-study sessions. Students are divided into different study groups and each group is assigned a teacher mentor who supervises the learning progress curve of the group and ensures that all the students entrusted to him excel in examinations. The teacher mentor system increases the focus of the guidance that the students get. The teachers of the Odisha Adarsha Vidyalaya are reviewed by the principal of the school from time to time. This helps the teachers in staying at a high-performance level and ensure that students give 100% success rate in exams with zero failure.