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Curricular Activities

Adarsha Vidyalayas is a path breaking yojana initiated by the Government of Odisha to provide quality English medium education accessible to all who desire, specially from the semi-urban or rural areas. It is looking forward to various curricular activities inside the classroom, in the laboratory and in the libraries as per the CBSE curriculum. There will be full involvement of the teachers and the students.

Physics Lab


The objective is to provide quality English education in a happy environment for the 360 degree development of the children.

Class Activities

Classroom Activities

OAVS will be soon installing smart features to the classrooms, it will enable easy learning with fun. We will also be introducing several classroom activities such as discussions, group activities and projects for better understanding of a topic.

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Library Activities

We will also set up libraries in the schools and allow students to refer to different books ensuring a better learning.


Laboratory Activities

OAVS will be setting up quality labs for the purpose of experiential learning. Physics, Chemistry, Biology along with a Computer lab will be installed in schools. Lab activities will be performed as per the CBSE guidelines.