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Posted On:03-03-2021

GYANAKOSHA: the treasure of knowledge at an Odisha Adarsha Vidyalaya
In schools all around the country, the exam season is a hectic one. When it comes to the topic of board examinations, schools pull all stops in preparing their students to face one of the deciding exams of their lives. From a small age itself, starting from somewhere around class VIII, schools, teachers and parents start preparing a student mentally for the important exam of board examinations. All the top CBSE schools of India put much stress on the practice of conducting board examinations for the classes of X and XII. To look at they may look like normal exams from afar, but everything about the board of examination has an importance attached to it. For a student, the marks he or she secures in the Class X board examinations are the ones that determine which stream he or she chooses to study after Class X. The marks secured in the CBSE X board examinations directly or indirectly influence the career path a student takes after school finishes. CBSE XII board examination marks are again more decisive about the career path a student might take because higher education institutes and universities look at the board examination marks before choosing a student on the basis of merit for further studies. Even in different national level entrance tests that decide the fate of lakhs of students every year, the marks secured in board examinations has high importance. The marks secured by a student in the board examinations of Class X and Class XII is the benchmark of his hard work and dedication to his field of study. The marks are also a parameter of clarity for the fundamentals of early education that is needed for further studies and professional pursuit. The CBSE affiliated schools take CBSE board examinations seriously and start preparing their students through 12th class study material and class 10th sample papers, question banks, weekly tests and quizzes. Being a CBSE affiliated school, an Odisha Adarsha Vidyalaya also offers relevant material to the students through Gyanakosha. Gyanakosha was introduced during the time of the COVID 19 lockdown in 2020 to help class X and class XII students prepare for the board examinations thoroughly. The Gyanakosha’s contents were designed and divided according to the capability and learning needs of the students. The Gyanakosha has three versions, one for the scholar students, one for the average to good students who perform well in the exams and one for the poorly performing students who need additional help in preparing for the examinations. The categorization of Gyankosha helps in addressing the individual learning concerns of the students. The translation of Gyanakosha means the treasure of knowledge and the study material offered to class X and class XII students of an Adarsha Vidyalaya has the question bank of all CBSE board exam questions of last five years, Sample papers, solved and unsolved papers. For each subject, the Gyanakosha has questions and answers of CBSE board examinations 2016-2020. The previous year questions are followed by an abstract analysis of the most important topics from which maximum questions were chosen in the last five years. This helps the students in ranking the topics priority wise and cover the most important topics first. The Gyanakosha also has concept maps of various chapters included in it for the better understanding of concepts by the students. The book also contains sample question paper of every subject for the current year so that students can gauge their preparations. Each chapter of the Gyanakosha is followed by keynotes of the topic so that the students can recapitulate the important points related to the topic. The Gyanakosha has study material related to English, Odia, Mathematics, Science, Social Science, for class X. For class XII students, the Gyanakosha has subjects of English, Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Biology for practice. The Gyanakosha is a complete practice booklet offered by the government to the students of Odisha Adarsha Vidyalaya so that they are empowered by learning resources to enhance their achievement level in the board examinations of Class X and Class XII.