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Vision Mission Objective

Vision Vision

To reach out and provide quality education to each deserving child from across Odisha.

Mission Mission

To make Odisha Adarsha Vidyalaya a role model for the country.

Objective Objective

  • To set up Model CBSE-English Medium School one in each Block.
  • To standardize teaching and learning process through well-defined manuals and Standard Operating Procedures (SOP).
  • To provide holistic education with focus on Body, Mind and Soul.
  • To give special emphasis on academics, sports, personality development and career development.
  • To train children in life skills and survival skills.
  • To provide adequate and quality infrastructure facilities with ICT to each School.
  • To act as a Lead School and provide support to the neighboring Schools.
  • To enable children from low-income families, attain quality English medium education.
  • To focus on all round development of each child, with an emphasis on output and outcome.
  • To build a replicable and scalable model of education for the entire country to emulate.
  • To introduces best educational practices from across the country and world.
  • To provide exposure to the students to achieve their career goals.